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Grace Assembly is a non-denominational full gospel grace fellowship.  It was founded in 1975 by Gerald (Jerry) and Jolene Cooley for the purpose of ministering the gospel of grace and glory and the message of the hour, “Behold He Cometh!”

Founding Pastors Gerald and Jolene Cooley
Pastors Jerry and Jolene met at the Covina Assembly of God Church in Covina, California. Jolene was speaking during the Young People’s Christ Ambassador’s service and the Lord spoke to Jerry’s heart that she would become his life’s companion. After a short courtship they were married in October of 1957.  They moved to San Diego, California where they attended the First Assembly of God Church and both became active in ministry as teachers of the Young Married Couples Class. Jerry served as Assistant Sunday School Superintendent as well as a member of the Church Board. They were eventually led to begin a Bible study in their home until the founding of Grace Assembly in October of 1975.  They were blessed with two children, Jeanne Carol in 1967 and Gary Allen in 1970. Both children and their families attend Grace Assembly.
Early Years of Pastor Jerry
Gerald (Jerry) Allen was born in Schoolcraft, Michigan in 1932 as a middle child of three siblings. He graduated from High School in Benton Harbor, Michigan in 1950 and received a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan College of Mining and Technology in 1955. After graduation, Jerry was employed by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) for a short period and then was drafted into the US Navy in December of 1955. He was stationed at Miramar NAS in San Diego for the full time of his Military Service during which he was deployed to the Far East for a period of six months aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Essex. Immediately following his Military Service, he became employed at Teledyne Ryan Electronics until his retirement in 1992 as Senior Vice President of Operations.  Jerry was born again at an early age and filled with the Holy Spirit at the age of 15.  He became a student of the Holy Scriptures, especially Bible Prophecy in the early sixties and has continued his studies through the many years and while serving as co-pastor of Grace Assembly with his wife, Jolene. Jerry’s parents were Assembly of God pastors. He comes from a family of pastors and educators in religious institutions.  His father served as the District Superintendent of the Michigan District of the Assemblies of God until his retirement. His brother, Dr. Robert Cooley is President Emeritus of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary founded under the guidance of Billy Graham and located near Boston, Massachusetts.  His sister, Shirley Krist and her husband, David are retired Assembly of God pastors and all their children and grandchildren are ministers, pastors and educators.
Early Years of Pastor Jolene
Jolene Carol (Hart) was born in Belen, New Mexico in December, 1938, as the middle child of three siblings. She moved to Noxon, Montana in her early years where she graduated from high school in Noxon, Montana in 1956.  After Graduation she moved to Covina, California where she began working with the General Telephone Company until her marriage to Jerry in 1957. Jolene was born again at an early age and filled with the Holy Spirit at age 7.  She was raised under the teachings of the Grace and Glory Fellowship. She has always felt a spiritual call in her life and became a diligent student of the Holy Scriptures in her early twenties. Jolene taught the Young Married Couples Class at First Assembly of God, San Diego, for several years until having a family.  Thereafter she felt the call of God to found and co-pastor Grace Assembly with her husband, Jerry.  Jolene continued to be an avid student of the Word of God while serving as co-pastor of Grace Assembly. Jolene’s grandparents, Will and Madora Hart, were of great spiritual influence in Jolene’s life. They were ordained by the Grace and Glory Fellowship located in Kansas City, Missouri, which was founded by Brother A. S. Copley and Sister Mary M. Bodie. Will and Madora ministered and established churches in the New Mexico area until they moved to Noxon, Montana.
Assistant Pastor Robert Stansberry
In 1977, the Lord blessed Grace Assembly with the addition to our ministerial staff of Pastor Robert (Bob) Stansberry and his wife Maureen. Through the years, Grace Assembly has been enriched through Bob’s faithful ministry of God’s word on Sunday evenings and his wife Maureen’s ministry in music.  Their unity in faith and the Spirit has been commendable and has strengthened and sustained the ministerial staff.
Early Years of Pastor Robert (Bob)
Robert (Bob) Luther was born in Santa Ana, California in February, 1948. He grew up in Orange County, California until he was drafted into the Army in 1968 serving in Kileen, Texas until he was discharged in 1969.  He moved to the San Diego area where he met and married Maureen McClain in March, 1969.  They were blessed with two children, Renae born in 1970 and Jason, born in 1974. Bob worked in the construction industry and eventually owned his own business as a concrete contractor. Maureen, while raising their family, also worked in San Diego School systems as a special educator until her retirement in 2013.
Bob was born again in 1956 and was filled with the Holy Spirit in 1959.  He preached his very first sermon after being discharged from the army at an Assembly of God Church in Kileen, Texas. After moving to the San Diego area, he continued in the ministry working with a Christian youth group.  They held Saturday night street meetings in Fountain Square in the downtown area of San Diego. He also continued ministering at various Pentecostal churches in the San Diego area.  In 1977, Bob and his wife visited Grace Assembly, where his mother was attending, and was invited to preach. Thereafter, he received a wonderful revelation of the Grace of God and was subsequently ordained. He accepted the position as Assistant Pastor of Grace Assembly. Bob is an anointed minister and has greatly increased in wisdom and knowledge of the truth. His wife, Maureen is an anointed soloist of gospel music. They are loved and appreciated for their faithfulness by the saints of Grace Assembly.
Our Distinctive Calling
Grace Assembly is a fellowship of saints who love the Holy Scriptures and hold to traditional Pentecostal worship.  The scriptures are taught on the basis of the “Pauline” revelation of grace and glory. Since we are living in the last days of the Church Age, we place special emphasis on the teaching of Bible prophecy. We hold to “Dispensational Truths” and the searching into “Times and Seasons” according to I Thessalonians 5:1-8 and I Peter 1:10-11. Our spiritual foundation is rooted in the teachings of A. S. Copley and Mary M. Bodie, founders of the Grace and Glory Fellowship.  We are diligent students of their writings and highly commend them to you.  We will be referring to and posting from their writings on this Web site.

Our special Invitation
We invite you to glean with an “open heart” from the ministry of God’s word on this Web site and/or by personally attending Grace Assembly.  We also encourage you to seek the Lord for His leading and to ask Him to impart revelation knowledge of His Word to you through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

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