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Sun, Jun 07, 2020
Passage: 2 Peter 1:19 & Mark 4
Duration: 1 hr 1 mins 55 secs
During this hour Mary Hart, Web Master over Grace Assembly Web Sites, gave an update on Grace Assembly Web Sites - modifications and additions to the Special Studies and School of the Bible. Jeanne Cochran, School Master, gave us an inspirational talk on Jesus, Master of the Storm -Mark 4
Sun, Jun 07, 2020
Duration: 37 mins 27 secs
In the lesson we will look at the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet. We learn that the believer having taken a bath is saved once for all. but needs to daily wash their feet. This means that our daily walk must be washed by the washing of the water of the Word. We also learn from this lesson that Judas Iscariat had never taken a bath by the washing of the Word so he was never saved.
Wed, Jun 03, 2020
Passage: Isaiah 1:9 & Isaiah 6
Duration: 41 mins 56 secs
We will be resuming our study on the Exodus Generation and the Golden Calf Worship from Exodus 32-33. In this message we ministered on “a very small remnant” in Isaiah 1:9. We scripturally defined “a very small remnant” in Isaiah 6:12, 13. We continued to minister Isaiah’s response, preparation and call to minister the “open vision” of the Glory of the Lord from Isaiah Chapter Six.
Sun, May 31, 2020
Passage: Acts 2
Duration: 46 mins 56 secs
When the Day/Feast of Pentecost was fully come it ushered in the Dispensation of Grace from Mt Zion. This followed Mt Sinai some 1500 years when the Dispensation of the Law was ushered in according to Ex. 19 & 20. The change in climate and contrast in God’s demeanor greatly changed from Law to Grace. This change rested in the Person and Work of Christ on Mt. Calvary, which put away the old creation and brought in the new creation.
Sun, May 31, 2020
Duration: 31 mins 4 secs
This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday so our thoughts today will be on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit. There is a powerful move of the Holy Spirit coming. It will come as a shower called the Geshem rain. The Judgment of the church, I Peter 4:17, will come under this move of the Holy Spirit and prepare us for our translation to the heavens. Rev. 1, 2, & 3.
Tue, Apr 07, 2020
Dear Friends: You may have noticed, we have been closed due to the Coronavirus and the direction of authorities. We are broadcasting in an informal format a gathering every Sunday @ 11:00AM DST for a period of about one hour and fifteen minutes on You are most welcome to join us. A password is required. If you send us your name and e-mail address to we will send the information to you.
Sun, Mar 15, 2020
Duration: 38 mins 33 secs
This message speaks of Daniel's 70th week being fulfilled immediately after Christ's death and resurrection. For seven years following through the apostles the Kingdom was offered to Israel but they rejected the Kingdom. As a result the Kingdom was set aside and the church age came in.
Sun, Mar 15, 2020
Duration: 45 mins 45 secs
We stand in even greater need of wisdom and strength “as our day.” “The Days of Elijah” continue to shed light on our pathway. Elijah’s return to Mt Carmel has “silenced” the camp before restoring the Altar of Jehovah. Before the “times of restoration” a remnant in the Church is grasping the “great gulf” that lies between the Lord and His people. In this message we reviewed the “two “egregious” evils in Jeremiah 2:13. We also reviewed the two “deciduous” disorders at the Lord’s Table in not discerning the "broken body of Christ,” and the “mystical body of Christ.” As believers with “an ear to hear” we find ourselves very much in need of the “times of restoration.” I Co. 11:23-29
Wed, Mar 11, 2020
Duration: 40 mins 42 secs
The “Exodus generation” serves as an overview of redemption. The Acts 27 Storm is intensifying! We are studying the “Exodus generation” that embraced “Golden Calf” worship and destined their overthrown in the wilderness. They serve as an ensample and warning to Israel and the Latter Church. In this message Moses returns into the camp in judgment of the Golden Calf, according to Duet. 9:21. We continue examining the “strange judgment” of Moses, as a type of our Lord, strewing “gold dust” into the water from the rock, which is a type of the gospel.
Sun, Mar 08, 2020
Duration: 46 mins 42 secs
In this lesson we will discuss when and how the Day of the Lord began. We will show by scripture that John was looking at the "rising (decending) Sun of Righteousness to declare that he was on the Day of the Lord. He then turns and looks into the events of the Day of the Lord. Notes are available by clicking on "Notes" in the menu
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