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(Proverbs 23:23)  “Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.”

Jerry and Jolene

We invite you to “glean” with an “open heart” from the ministry of God’s Word on this website and/or by personally attending Grace Assembly.  We also encourage you to seek the Lord for His leading and to ask Him to impart revelation knowledge of His Word to you through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Bob and Maureen

Grace Assembly is a fellowship of saints who love the Holy Scriptures. We are a non-denominational full gospel grace fellowship who hold to traditional Pentecostal worship. 

This work was founded in 1975 by Gerald (Jerry) and Jolene Cooley for the purpose of ministering the gospel of “grace and glory” (I Pet 1:10,11) and the message of the hour, “Behold He Cometh” (Rev 1:7)! In 1977 Robert (Bob) Stansberry joined our ministry staff as an Assistant Pastor.

We also believe you will discover new insights into the “more sure word  of prophecy” shedding light on the many “signs of the time” that are breaking upon our generation.

Founding Pastors Gerald and Jolene Cooley
Assistant Pastor Robert Stansberry


Welcome to Grace Assembly

Service begins at 11am Sunday Morning (July 14th)

No Service:                      Sunday Night (July 14th) Wednesday Night (July 17th) Sunday Night (July 21st) Wednesday Night (July 24th)


Service Times:

Sunday Services

Bible Study – 10:20 am
Morning Service  – 11:00 am
Evening Service  – 6:30 pm

Wednesday Service

Bible Study – 7:00 pm

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