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“The Lord GOD hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary: he wakeneth morning by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned. The Lord GOD hath opened mine ear, and I was not rebellious, neither turned away back.”
(Isa 50:4, 5) KJV

Subject: “A Word in Season” – The Acts 27 Storm

Dear Friends:

In our last Pastors’ Page, we examined the “Strange Trial” engulfing the Latter Church explained in I Peter 4:17, as the beginning of judgment at the House of God. This judgment is addressed in the context of Rev 1, 2 & 3, as occurring on the Day of the Lord, as the Seventh Day from creation and the Day of Christ, as the Third day from resurrection. Using the “Millennial Day Principle” “a day with the Lord as a thousand years” and based on using the pattern of the creation days in Genesis chapter one, we are standing on both the Seventh and Third Days. See “Seven Millennial Days.”

The Acts 27 Storm (Literal and Typical):

After reflection on our last Pastors’ Page, we felt led by the Holy Spirit to expand our comments to include the “Acts 27 Storm” as both literal and typical. We believe this great storm recorded in Scripture was first literal, but clearly a “type and shadow” of the present storm now engulfing and threatening the very foundations of our Judean Christian Nation and Godly Heritage. While acknowledging the Acts 27 Storm was first and foremost literal, we also believe this narrative is typical of the Church’s “ecclesiastical journey” from the Early Church down to the Latter Church.

The Early Church:

Remembering in this account that prior to this voyage, the centurion believed the shipmaster and owner and ignored the spiritual counsel of the Apostle Paul to remain and winter in the north even though it was not commodious. He also warned them against sailing south and yielding to the beckoning “soft winds” of Phoenix. (See Acts 27.) This southward journey becomes typical of the Early Church ignoring the “wise counsel” of their Apostle and yielding to the “soft winds” of compromise. This began the southward spiritual journey of the church defined as the “apostasy,” i.e., the “falling away” from “the faith once delivered.” (See Jude 1:3.)

The Latter Church:

Therefore, the journey southward in the ship from Alexandria becomes typical of the Early Church sailing south. While all appeared as well and “smooth sailing” for many days and experiencing less opposition and warmer weather the temptation to continue south became greater as they continued down toward Phoenix. We have personally witnessed this change in the spiritual attitude of the Latter Church since the turn of the century following the Azusa Revival. The Latter Church began embracing various shades of the “prosperity gospel” and began to celebrate their liberation from the former days when the Church had to bear reproach and persecutions for preaching the Gospel, not to mention avoiding the persecutions of the Early Church as the “green tree.” (Luke 23:31 KJV) “For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?”

A Great Storm Arose!:

Then an unexpected great storm arose “Euroclydon” blowing in from the Southeast. But shortly countered by what we believe was another storm front named “Euroquillo” blowing from the Northeast. These two storm fronts collided creating what was traditionally called a Northeaster or a “perfect storm.” This storm engulfed the ship from Alexandria after continuing to sail, nearing Phoenix, and threatened all aboard with both shipwreck and a “grave in the angry deep.” When all hope was gone and there was neither “sun (moon) or stars visible for days” the Apostle Paul came on deck after ascending from the lower parts of the ship to deliver a “word in season.”

G2148. Eurokludon, yoo-rok-loo’-dohn; from  Euros (the east wind) and G2830; a storm from the East (or S.E.), i.e. (in modern phrase) a Levanter:–Euroklydon.

Euros- an east wind (SE) but Latin aquilo – north wind (NE).

Note: Scholars suggest the probability of two storm fronts. Euroclydon from the S/E and Euroquillo from the N/E creating the “perfect storm.”

The Chief Apostle of the Church:

The Apostle Paul reminded the Centurion and owner of the ship along with the “more part of the ship” of their failure to “take heed” of his “wise counsel” to remain in the north and not to sail south lest they sustain great harm and damage to the ship. Nevertheless, during these “perilous times” the Angel of the Lord, i.e., the Lord Himself, stood down with Paul saying to him to be of good cheer! This divine assurance was shared with all aboard the ship from Alexandria, as typical of the Latter-Day Church and our Judean Christian nation. They are assured of coming through after nearly suffering “shipwreck of the faith” and will sustain great loss and damage to the ship.

Where are we Standing Today?:

We trust everyone is “still aboard” and able to receive this summary account of the Acts 27 Storm, as both literal and typical. As typical, the Acts 27 Storm describes the Church finding themselves in very “great straits” in these “last days!” If so, we trust this account will comfort and strengthen your faith to believe the Church will yet weather this storm, as we all learn to trust the Lord and “the more sure word of prophecy.” The Church must embrace that they are well into the “last days” as the first generation to stand on the Day of the Lord, as the Seventh Day and in the Third Day, as the Day of Christ. See “Millennial Day Principle.”

The End of the Journey:

In embracing that we are presently in the “last days,” as stated above, believers must also embrace that this “typical voyage” will consummate in the appearing of the Lord, as the blessed hope of being caught up to meet the Lord in the air according to I Th 4:16-18. See “Order of the Resurrection.” Therefore, the Acts 27 Storm, as both literal and typical, continues beyond our present narrative in which the Church will face even greater opposition before finally reaching the heavenly shore. The Church will be graduating from “faith to faith” in learning to trust the Lord, as the one and only Head of the Church, as the “Captain of our Salvation.” They will need to again recognize their Chief Apostle Paul, as their Spiritual Captain having provided “wise counsel” for the Church in the “Pauline Epistles” while also embracing the Apostle John and the Book of Revelation as being “now at hand.” In like measure the Church must also turn from dependency upon the headships and organizations of men as the “arm of flesh” that will fail them in these “last days.”

Whence Cometh this Storm?:

Our intent in this Pastors’ Page is to focus on the present storm now engulfing and threatening the Church, our Nation and Judean Christian Heritage. We must all agree this is a “strange storm” as an unexpected onslaught from the liberal secular forces leaving many hearts troubled with many questions! (John 14:1-3) (1) From “whence” did this storm arise? (2) What is the Lord’s purpose in this present storm engulfing the Church and our Nation? (3) Will this storm continue ushering in the Seven Year Tribulation period ending with the “mandate” of receiving the mark of the beast?

A Choice between Confusion and Comfort:

We will attempt to answer the above questions by furnishing only a prophetic overview from the Scriptures. This may require us to write a sequel. First, we trust to comfort believers by declaring that we do not believe this present threat and onslaught from the secular liberal forces will prevail! Why? It does not match our understanding of the prophetic Scriptures and therefore we believe it will prove to be out of God’s divine order. This present Beast, though threatening, does not match the “prophetic profile” and description of the final Beast described by the Apostle John in Revelation 13:1-5. However, we do believe the Lord has permitted this present threat to awaken the Church and our Nation that we are in the “last days!”

From ’Whence” Cometh this Present Storm?:

The present threat from the secular liberal forces is emanating from Global Elites in Europe and beyond and within our own Nation who are “embedded” financially with China. This is the “Deep State” seeking to subjugate our Nation, Europe, and the Western world under the “mandates” of the United Nations through changing our national identity, shredding our Constitution, and undermining our national security and sovereignty. (Psa 11:3 KJV) “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Will Daniel’s Fourth Beast Become the “Revived Roman Empire?”:

Prophetically, this threat resembles Daniel’s Fourth Beast having mutated into its final form described in Daniel 7:7-8. This final mutation is embraced by a majority of prophetic scholars, to be the “Revived Roman Empire.” They assume in the “latter days” the “little horn,” characterizing the “man of sin,” will arise from the “Revived Roman Empire.” However, after research of the Hebrew translation of the “little horn” this phrase also refers to a young nation having its “roots” in the Ancient Roman Empire and rapidly becoming a very great nation reaching global prominence to the astonishment of the other horns. This may refer to our own nation. The United States of America who has become the “wonder” within the Old and New Worlds. This becomes important in including the exploration and development of the New World coinciding with the spread of Christianity. See “Babylon in Prophecy.”

The “Mystery” of the Two Beasts:

We believe a burden rests upon Prophecy scholars to reconcile the differences between the Fourth Beast of Daniel 7 with its mutations, as described in Daniel 7:7-8 and that of another Beast yet to arise out of the sea according to Revelation13:1-5, as the final “New World Order” described by the Apostle John. This latter description by the Apostle John is another Beast, as a seven-headed Lion, a body of a Leopard and the Feet of a bear yet resembling a Reptilian beast as identified with the Great Red Dragon in heaven. This latter Beast in Rev 13 is clearly a conglomeration of the previous four kingdoms described in Daniel 7:1-7 consisting of all “the Kingdoms of this world.” We know by comparing Scripture with Scripture this latter Beast in Revelation Chapter 13:1-5 does not arise until the last “forty-two months” of the Seven Year Tribulation period. This is most certainly after the Church has been “taken out of the way” (2 Thessalonians 2:6,7), i.e., caught up to meet the Lord in the air according to I Th 4:16-18. Remember, this latter Beast described in Revelation 13:1-5 includes the “New World” but is also “rooted” into the “Old World.”

Be of Good Cheer!  Acts 27:25                                                                                                                                    The “More Sure Word of Prophecy” Prevails!:

We conclude this Pastors’ Page, trusting believers of differing prophetic persuasions to at least consider this inclusive prophetic viewpoint. Please consider the references to “Mystery Babylon” in Revelation 17:5 and to “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 18:2! This appears to be an end time union of a religious, political, and commercial power summed up under end time Babylon. Remember, the first Babylonian Empire described in Daniel 7:1 was symbolized by a “Lion” with “Eagles wings.” This scenario suggests that our great Nation is the essence of “End Time Babylon” but will yet become “Babylon the Great” as a “Seven-headed Lion in union with other Anglo-Saxon nations. This New World Order will also have the body of a leopard, feet of a bear and reptilian in nature. This describes a Great Beast as the coming New World Order inclusive of “all the kingdoms this world” and all of Judean Christian Heritage. The Beast out of the Sea in combination with the Beast out of the Earth will prove to be a counterfeit of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ as “all of the kingdoms of this world.” (See Matt 4:8 and Rev 11:15.)

“A Word in Season”:

The Church, once delivered from this present threat, must awaken both nationally and spiritually and begin to prepare for evacuation through the “open door” of escape in Revelations 4:1 before the rise of the final world empire as “Babylon the great.” The “times of restoration” as “Seven Good Years” with a final outpour of the Holy Spirit lies just before us. However, these “seven good years” will most surely be followed by the “seven evil years” according to the typical prophecy of Genesis chapter 41.

(John 9:4 KJV) “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”

In Christ,
Pastors of Grace Assembly
Gerald and Jolene Cooley

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